St Sampson’s Church South Hill
We are developing a new vision for St Sampson’s Church and its place in the community in the 21st century.  As part of that vision we hope to improve the facilities at the church for wider community use. By completing this survey you can help us learn more about what our community needs and how we as a church can help meet those needs.  
Which age group are you in? *

Are you *

Which local clubs or groups do you take part in?

What are your other leisure activities?

What do you like about the parish of South Hill? *

Please tell us which community activities or other things you like about South Hill

What do you think are the important issues in the area? *

Please specify which of debt/housing/transport are a problem and/or what you think are the other important issues in the area

St Sampson's has been a place of Christian worship for hundreds of years.  On a scale of 1 - 5, how important do you think our local Christian heritage is? *

Have you ever attended a Sunday service at St Sampson's? *

Have you attended a Christmas or Easter service at St Sampson's? *

Have you ever attended a christening, wedding or funeral at St Samspon's? *

If you used to attend services but have stopped coming, can you tell us why?

Do you regularly worship elsewhere? *

How would you describe yourself? *

If you answered 'other' to the last question, please will you tell us how you would describe yourself?

Have you ever visited St Sampson's for any other reason?  (eg a concert, community choir practice, to look round, flower festival, coffee morning, for peace and quiet etc.)

If you have never been to St Sampson's, can you tell us why?

What role do you feel the church plays in our community?

What role do you think the church could or should play in our community?

What new activities or uses for the building should we offer? *

What other activities or uses do you suggest?

Some of our ideas so far include making St Sampson's warmer and more welcoming by improvements to the interior, installing toilet & kitchen facilities, a heritage trail a prayer garden and a wildlife garden.  How might any of these suggestions benefit you or your family?

Are there any skills or resources that you have that you could offer, even if only occasionally?

We have seen tremendous results from prayer.  Is there anything which you would like our church family to pray about for you?

Any further comments or suggestions?

Thank you very much for completing this survey.  If you would like to be kept in touch with developments at St Sampson's, please leave your
e mail address here.  You may add your name if you wish.

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